Practical Use

Your instrument as a MIDI controller
  1. Need a MIDI controller? Why pay through nose? musebook midimic WILL do!
    - Replace high price MIDI controller with MuseBook MidiMic; e.g. MIDI Guitar, MIDI Saxophone, etc.
    - Your own instrument + MuseBook MidiMic = MIDI controller
  2. Even your voice can be used as a MIDI controller.

Your voice as an instrument
  1. Play it by ear with your voice and get MIDI sound in real-time
  2. Change your singing voice into any musical instrument of your choice.
    - Voice into trumpet or humming into flute, etc.
    - Expressive MIDI Performance in Vibration, Dynamics and Timing, etc.
    - Changes in octave; e.g. soprano voice into Bass or Tuba

Voice Realism
  1. MuseBook MidiMic produces MIDI sound emulating the input sound
    - Greater realism of your input sound into any musical instrument
  2. Nothing's going to change but voice of instrument
    - You can select any instument among 128 MIDI instruments
    - Pitch bend, volume change, and brightness are delivered

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