Features are following:
  • Real-time Processing : Sound feature extraction per 0.044 second
  • Pitch Bandwidth : A0 ~ C8 (Piano 88 keys, 26 Hz ~ 4,500 Hz)
  • Pitch Detection Tech. : Utilizes Real-time Pitch Detection SDK for the best result
  • Frequency Analysis : Analyzes the frequency pattern of the input sound by recent signal processing algorithm
  • MIDI Data Out : Converts sound detected from microphone into MIDI data in real-time
  • Input Source Selection : Supports MIC / LINE-IN / other input sources supported by your soundcard
  • Signal Display : Volume envelope, Wave form and Frequency spectrum
  • MIDI Effects : Supports Pitch bend, volume change, brightness effects
  • Noise Reduction : Reduces unwanted noise from low frequency in real-time
  • Note Denotation : Displays sung or performed note on stave with note syllable and its octave number
  • Octave Transpose : Change in octave from -5 ~ +5 octave
  • Preset Setting : Save, and load your settings under presets, as you like
  • MIDI voice selection : 128 MIDI instruments in general extendable (depends on your MIDI equipment)

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