musebook® midimic

Real-time Sound2MIDI Software
  • Use your own instrument,
  • even your singing voice,
  • as a MIDI controller!
  1. Monophonic sound straight into MIDI data!
  2. Any monophonic instrument can be used.
    - Plucked strings such as Guitar, Bass Guitar, etc.
    - Non-plucked strings such as Violin, Cello, etc.
    - Woodwinds such as Recorder, Bassoon, Oboe, etc.
    - Brasses such as Flute, Saxophone, Trumpet, etc.
  3. Wide range of pitch bandwidth from A0 to C8
  4. Powered by AMuseTec's proprietary Pitch Detection engine.
wave input: mary.mp3 » midi outout: mary.mid

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